About Dana

Dana Davis BS, CYT, LMT

Dana Davis is the massage therapist and sole proprietor of Midnight Sun Massage. The focus of Dana’s practice is to facilitate the body’s natural healing abilities in clients suffering from chronic pain, injuries, illness, and stress. Dana works the body’s tissue to help lengthen and soften the muscles and connective tissue. Her overall goal is to help her clients be pain-free by getting to the root cause of the discomfort.

Dana is also an instructor at East West College of the Healing Arts where she attended massage therapy school. She teaches courses in Trigger Point Therapy, Assessment and Treatment, and Treatment Planning.

Dana is a Licensed Massage Therapist by the Oregon Board of Massage and is a Professional Member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

Dana intitially discovered her drive to be a body worker while teaching yoga. She became aware of restrictions in her student’s bodies and instinctively wanted to help ease their pain and free restrictions to movement. Since she could not provide such a service as a yoga instructor, she naturally progressed to studying and becoming a massage therapist.

Discover for yourself the therapeutic and relaxing results of a bodywork session with Dana in a tranquil and professional setting at Midnight Sun Massage.